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Bring to Light your Innate Power to Heal and Evolve! NB! Ny dato!

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27. feb. 2021, 10:00 – 28. feb. 2021, 20:00


Om arrangementet

Damanhurs Healerskole har et av de mest intensive program i holistisk healing i verden, basert på over 40 års forskning og erfaring. Dette 2-dagers kurset er et utgangspunkt for å utforske indre og ytre verdener av healing. 

Kurset, som gjennomføres på italiensk med simultanoversettelse til engelsk, overføres direkte fra Damanhur i Italia på Zoom begge dager kl 10-18 med lunsjpause kl 13-15. I tillegg vil Orango Riso, som er leder for skolen, gi en presentasjon av det 3-årige forløpet søndag kl 18-20.

DAY 1: Awareness with Caimano Salice

The weekend is meant to be an introduction to the great theme of Awareness. A word, a concept, with an important meaning for personal growth, but also elusive, very interpretable, sometimes indefinite. In this journey, we will discover together the fundamental aspects of being aware so that we can benefit from it in our life, in our work, in the relationship with ourselves and others. The purpose of all this is to live in joy and enthusiasm.

The main topics that will be discussed:

– Our Mind and our thoughts; how they are structured in us The thought as a consequence\answer for the needs of the body. The creation of neural networks. The consequences of believing in a personal identity. The mind (thought-emotion) that regulates and controls the body. – The body and its fundamental function in spiritual research; what we mean with spirituality. The body is life: life is intelligent and it responds to different needs. The body – life in a synergistic connection with the mind\thought – Life as a manifestation of the divine frequency; how to originate the divine frequency in ourselves. Perceiving ourselves as part of the whole, of life, is what allows us to enter in frequency with the harmony of beauty and with the frequency of life itself. – The awareness of the present moment as a guide for the Consciousness in our life. To live the moment with presence, which is what leads to acceptation, joy and enthusiasm. – Freedom from fear and influences: the Metamorphosis. The wait and expectation as matrices of fear. To replace the “Wanting to become” with the “Intention of being”. The Real in which everything is possible. – To live in Joy The natural dimension of the human being. How to find it again.

DAY 2: Self-Healing with Antilope Verbena

There’s simple and important precautions we can apply to our everyday life that can allow us to not only feel better but also to activate those self-healing mechanisms that our body is able to express if put in the condition to do so. In this course we will examine all of these simple, almost trivial, aspects that are so often forgotten or neglected.

Titles of the topics that will be discussed: – The power contained in us, with a practical demonstration – Health Diary and questions to take stock of your health – How to influence your health with sleep and dreams – What I introduce in my body with food, drinks and…thoughts – My connection with the elements: air, water, earth and fire – To maintain and improve the normal physiology – Behavioural aspects as the cause of inner and physical discomforts\ailments – Dialogue with your body and your organs and lastly… – “MAGICAL SELFIC ACTIVATION OF YOUR SELF-HEALING POWER”

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. – Special event:

Presentation of the Spiritual Healers School with Orango Riso “From self-healing to Spiritual Healing: healing others – a life mission that can be achieved through steps and with awareness”.

Healerskolen vil starte opp i Norge i oktober 2021 - mer info annonseres snart.

Pris kr 3000 betales via arrangementets betalingsalternativ. Du blir da registrert som deltaker og får tilsendt link til kurset.

Alternativt kan du sende e-mail til hvis du heller ønsker faktura. Påmelding snarest!

Alle som er med i MeditAction betaler kr 2400 for kurset; betal til konto 9483.06.75773 med melding om navn og kursnavn.


  • Awareness and Selfhealing

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